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What is Pastoral Counseling?

  Pastoral counseling is a type of personalized counseling that utilizes biblical promises to comfort, lead and confirm what steps to take to resolve your problems and receive healing and peace. In a judgement-free environment you will receive supportive care while you seek to understand God's ways to overcome hurts and find direction for the future.


What is The Grief Recovery Method®?

The Grief Recovery Method is a new addition to my Pastoral Counseling tool box, but one that I am using as the main tool to assist individuals and group participants with their goals. It is not only a supportive caring experience, but it is also a tried and true method.  Why grief recovery? In over 20 years of Pastoral Counseling, I have discovered that 99%  of my clients suffered from incomplete grieving. A major obstacle to lasting peace and freedom. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, relationship, marriage, career, health, finances or even a pet, you will feel hopeful again as the pain and  heaviness of grieving subsides.


How Do I Get Started?


I meet with most of my clients online through video calling  from my office in Jupiter, FL and have been  for about 10 years.  It is private, convenient and, as I've been told, very comfortable. Grief recovery support groups are held  in the Tequesta/Jupiter Florida  area and surrounding cities.  

 The first step is to go to the contact page and fill out the simple form or homepage to schedule a free 20 minute consultation. I will contact you soon to get an idea of how I can help you, answer any questions you may have and schedule your first appointment. It's easier than you think to take that first step to freedom. I am looking forward to talking with you!